Call for Proposals

The Notre Dame-IBM Technology Ethics Lab is pleased to release this inaugural Call for Proposals as we seek to fund practical and applied interdisciplinary projects focused on six core themes. The Lab welcomes a broad interpretation of these themes to potentially cover a wide range of ethical questions and challenges:

  • Tel Fc
    SCALE - projects that address the limits of networked technologies; the risks of large data models; frameworks for mitigating systemic risks; or methods for scaling safely and responsibly.
  • AUTOMATION - projects that address how we preserve autonomy in the face of automation; the risks of automated processing/algorithmic decision-making; or how to revive and apply the right to the freedom of thought to digital technologies. 
  • IDENTIFICATION - projects that address how to design ethical digital ID schemes; the ethics of reputational or scoring systems; ethical frameworks for the use of biometrics; or the ethics of immunity certificates/passports.
  • PREDICTION - projects that address the ethical limits of prediction; ethical frameworks for the use of predictive technologies; policy guidance for accountability and recourse with respect to predictions and predictive technologies. 
  • PERSUASION - projects that examine when it’s acceptable or unacceptable to nudge or persuade; the line between persuasion and manipulation; how to design ethical frameworks for neurotechnologies; or the role of design and defaults to avoid dark patterns and the like.
  • ADOPTION - projects that address how to design ethical frameworks for procurement; establish guardrails for public-private collaborations; develop governance models and oversight.

Successful applications will propose a defined deliverable (such as, but not limited to, model legislation, code, whitepapers, product design principles, visualizations, mixed media, and more) that addresses at least one of the above core themes to be completed by December 2022.

Review the 2021 Application Packet for more information about timelines, eligibility, project awards, and selection criteria, and email with questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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