Noah Karger

Ph.D. Student, Theology

Noah Karger is a doctoral student in moral theology at the University of Notre Dame. He received his MDiv from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and his BA in philosophy from the University of Houston. His work explores the relevance of mystical theology for problems pertaining to virtue formation, moral epistemology, and artificial intelligence.

Noah’s work with the ND-IBM Tech Ethics Lab explores the future of human labor in an increasingly digital workplace. With the rapid development of AI, measuring human labor chiefly in terms of efficiency will inevitably lead to our own displacement, starting with the most marginalized and economically disadvantaged groups. In response, it is essential that we develop a renewed vision of the telos of human labor, and from that, a thicker criteria for evaluating success in the workplace. Noah’s research aims to develop this vision and corresponding criteria by turning to Simone Weil, twentieth century philosopher-activist-mystic who wrote extensively on—and lived a life in search of—the meaning and purpose of human labor.