Blog: TEC Talks Fall Speaker Series Addresses Technology and Power

Author: Nicole McAlee

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In partnership with the Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center (ND-TEC) and presented by ThinkND, the Notre Dame-IBM Technology Ethics Lab is pleased to present a new theme in the ongoing TEC Talks virtual speaker series for the Fall 2021 semester. This semester, TEC Talks will address the intersection of Technology and Power: 

The speed and breadth of technological advancement and proliferation are causing seismic shifts – and often replicating historical and systematic racism, discrimination, and inequalities – across every aspect of modern life, including interpersonal relationships, work, education, healthcare, financial services, criminal justice, politics, diplomacy, infrastructure, and more.


Individuals and organizations with the power and resources to develop and implement new technologies generate massive financial, social, and political capital, while the marginalized members of society are often either excluded from the benefits of emerging technologies or made to bear the brunt of the most invasive, destructive, and unregulated applications of those technological developments.


We’re pairing leading scholars studying these phenomena and practitioners grappling with these issues in the field in conversation on questions about ways in which power is wielded via technology, such as: Who reaps the benefits, or consequences, of technology? How is technology reshaping, or reinforcing, current power dynamics in society? And can technology distribute power more equitably and, if so, how?

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Sessions run from 12 to 1 PM EST on the following Mondays:
  • September 13 - Luke Stark (University of Western Ontario), Kirsten Martin (Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center)
  • September 27 - Yussuf Bashir (Haki na Sheria); Nanjala Nyabola (independent writer and political analyst)
  • October 11 - Abeba Birhane (Ph.D. candidate, University College Dublin), Noopur Raval (AI Now Institute at New York University)
  • October 25 - Lauren Rhue (University of Maryland)
  • November 8 - Apryl Williams (University of Michigan, Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study), Ifeoma Ajunwa (University of North Carolina School of Law)
  • November 22 - Ali Alkhatib (Center for Applied Data Ethics at the University of San Francisco), Karen Levy (Cornell University)
  • December 6 - Carissa Véliz (University of Oxford), Albert Fox Cahn (Surveillance Technology Oversight Project)

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